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Your Challenge

We CHALLENGE you to grab a cup of coffee and walk around your building.

Have a look from a different perspective:

Pay attention to the finer details; the baseboards, the corners of the floor, ledges, waste receptacles, workstations, notice the walls, the windows, and behind doors and toilets. Notice any outdated or warn items. Look at the furniture placement. Do you need a fresh coat of paint?

If what you see does not exceed your standard of cleanliness then you should contact OCD Cleaning Service.

  • We take pride

    in our skills and abilities to maintain your facilities to its highest level of cleanliness.

  • We create an atmosphere

    that motivates, uplifts and impresses employees and clients.

  • We are committed

    to providing you reliable and consistent cleaning service.

  • We offer

    beautification advice and minor repair, maintenance and painting services.

  • We assist you in meeting your organizational goals

    beautification advice and minor repair, maintenance and painting services.by customizing cleaning packages to fit within your requirements.

  • We work with you and your schedule

    to ensure that our services do not disturb your business activities.


Bonded Cleaners

Criminal record checks on all cleaning personnel, no exclusions. Before a candidate is even considered.

100% Satisfaction

ALL Employees are WHMIS trained / Biohazard materials trained, and Appropriately Insured.


Studies Show A clean work space will improve employee motivation, concentration and productivity

How It Works

Just fill out the form to put your quotation into the system and we will respond shortly.


Book Online

Just find the Quotation Form anywhere on this website...

Submit the appropriate information for us to formulate an honest quotation.


Get Confirmation

With every quotation that is submitted, a confirmation email will be sent to the person requesting the quotation.

just copy the code in the email and paste it into where the website asks for that code.


Let’s Enjoy

The work begins on the agreed upon date and time.

Now you can focus on business and leave the cleaning to your OCD team.