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There are always many questions, and answers, when it comes to cleaning and maintenance services. Below are some of our most popular. Asking questions will assist you in selecting the right cleaning partner to deliver quality services to your company. If you have questions, please email us at info@ocdcleaning.ca

What type of cleaning do you provide?
At OCD Cleaning Service we go above and beyond simple dusting and vacuuming. We do a thorough cleaning of your facility ensuring that high-traffic touch points such as door knobs, light switches and phones are thoroughly cleaned to reduce the spread of illness-causing bacteria and germs. If you host special events we will work with you before, during and after your event to ensure that your facility is top notch.
OCD Cleaning Service provides exceptional cleaning service. Other services we offer include beautification advice, painting and minor repairs and maintenance.
Each of our customers has a custom cleaning schedule. Typically we are an after-hours service, attending to clean your facility when you are closed. We ensure that lights are turned off, alarms set and doors are secured after each visit.
There is no official signed contract. We provide you with a service agreement that outlines the work you expect of our company. This agreement is established based on your cleaning requirements. It can be amended at any time based on your needs.
Our clients vary from industrial facilities, restaurant/bar establishments, professional business offices, medical clinics, to common area, hallways and public washrooms. We tailor our cleaning around your specific needs and requirements.
We are dedicated to quality service for each and every one of our clients. Our company’s liberal management inspections ensure your satisfaction in our service. Each of our clients has a personalized inspection checklist of all tasks to be completed by our cleaners. Our inspections include a follow-up program to ensure our work is completed to the highest of standards.
We take pride in improving our services; therefore, at any time we welcome your feedback. If something is missed or not to your standard, call or email us. We will rectify the situation immediately or by your requested time. Will the same cleaner continually maintain my facility? Long-term cleaners come to understand your facility and your specific needs and requirements. Our management team is consistent to your establishment. We do our best to provide the same cleaner to your facility regularly. When one of our team members is ill or on leave we provide staff that will ensure our service is to your expectation.
An effective two-way communication system is important and necessary in order to know and understand your cleaning needs. We are available any time to communicate with you in regards to your requirements and to keep track of our progress.
Our billing system is monthly. We submit an invoice at the beginning of each month for that month’s service. Billing terms are 30 days from invoice date. We accept direct deposit, cheque, Visa or MasterCard transactions.