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A Higher Standard of Services Ensures a Cleaner Facility

Although cleaning schedules are custom to individual needs there are some regular items that OCD Cleaning Service considers as standard for all customers. The following outlines the most important tasks to be completed on a regular basis.

Floors and Stairs

One of the first things you notice when entering any building is the floors. We ensure that all floors and stairs are:

  • vacuumed, swept, mopped, paying attention behind doors and in corners,

  • mats are rolled-up and cleaned underneath regularly, and

  • rugs are spot cleaning as required.

Deep cleaning, polishing and waxing can be completed upon request of a quotation.

Kitchen and Lunchrooms

Thorough cleaning and sanitization is important in kitchen and lunchroom environments. We ensure that kitchens and lunchrooms are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected:

  • dishes, sinks, countertop, and

  • small appliances such as coffee pots, microwaves, and dish washers.

We provide minor clean up of fridges and stoves, however, full cleaning and sanitization can be completed upon a request for a quotation. In order to aid in cleanup of the fridge, we can provide labels for your employees to place on their food items with employee name and date placed in fridge.


Out of respect for your employees and clients, your washrooms should be cleaned to the highest of standards. We ensure they are thoroughly cleaned, sanitized, deodorized and fully stocked paying particular attention to:

  • sinks, countertops, and mirrors,

  • hand towel, toilet paper dispensers and napkin containers,

  • commodes and urinals,

  • floors, and

  • air freshness ensuring a clean scent.

Dusting and Detailing

All items in the office should be cleaned and wiped streak free ensuring they are free from dust, debris, fingerprints, smudges, drink stains, including:

  • door handles,

  • plant care,

  • telephones,

  • computer keyboards, mice, monitors,

  • desks and chairs,

  • office equipment such as photocopiers, printers, shredding machines, and

  • light switches, thermostats, fire extinguishers, and pictures.

Walls, doors, and switch plates are cleaned to remove obvious fingerprints, stains, deposits, dust, and film. We complete high, low and ancillary dusting such as:

  • corners, and baseboards,

  • ledges, windowsills, and

  • vents, blinds, and furniture.

Waste Management

We ensure that each trash receptacle, recycle bin and shredding basket is emptied on every visit. To preserve trash liners and reduce your businesses environmental impact we suggest that not every waste container be used for food or liquid waste products. This will eliminate associated odours in your facility. All waste is disposed of as per your business requirement. We ensure that all containers, both inside and out, are cleaned regularly.

Glass Surfaces

All glass surfaces such as entrance doors, windows and mirrors are cleaned to ensure that fingerprints, dirt and smudge marks are removed leaving a clean and professional streak free appearance.


In order to provide a healthy and safe work environment for your employees it is important to pay attention to areas where germs could be easily spread. OCD Cleaning Service provides sanitized cleaning to telephones, keyboards, mice, light switches and door handles on a regular bases.

We oversee your cleaning supply inventory by placing orders, receiving and putting away stock. It is important that the janitor / stock rooms are kept neat, tidy and clean and fully stocked. We ensue that your facility is secured upon the conclusion of our cleaning, turning off lights, ensuring alarms are set and doors are locked.

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